The Amazing Fun Center

Family Fun near Glacier National Park

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The Amazing Fun Center is a great Montana family vacation
destination in beautiful northwestern Montana.

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Enjoy a variety of fun activities from go cart racing to chasing your friends and family through the fountain on the bumper boat ride.

This Montana activities center is located just north of Columbia Falls, Montana en-route to Glacier National Park.

This recreational complex offers great fun for the entire family: bumper boats, go carts, mini golf, a maze, and bankshot basketball.

Electric bumper boats are designed to hold 2-3 people, and are equipped with electric squirt guns to add to the fun. Bumper boats operate in a small pool that has a large fountain that the boats can go through.

The quarter mile go cart track twists and turns through the complex, and is a favorite with kids. Safety features include bumper-lined cars and the ability of attendants to electronically slow or stop cars if necessary.

Family Vacation Activities

The mini golf course is an 18 hole course with multiple challenges, unique obstacles, and alternative paths for ongoing fun.

Bankshot basketball offers 19 hoops with various backboards for bankshots.

Finally, the Glacier Maze has 1.5 miles of passageways with 2 different ways out – the easy way, which takes approximately 30-45 minutes, and the hard way, which takes approximately another half hour to complete. Patterns are changed on a regular basis so you can enjoy the maze again on subsequent visits.

The Amazing Fun Center is open daily at 9:30 am from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and on weekends through the 3 rd week of September. Closing time is generally 9:30 pm, though this does fluctuate from May to mid-June.

Each attraction is priced separately, or can be combined into packages including several attractions. While the park is family-oriented, both bumper boats and go carts have height restrictions for safety reasons.

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