Huckleberry Pancakes

A Montana Camping Treat!

A special Montana camping treat is homemade huckleberry pancakes.
This fabulous treat is easy to make, and livens up any meal.


Preparing any camp food is an adventure in itself. Everyone will have their own preferences, and while I enjoy camp cooking, I don't like to make everything from scratch because it would cut into recreation time for activities such as hiking, fishing, and canoeing.

To conserve time, I choose to use a prepackaged pancake mix that just calls for water to be added. Some brands are better than others, so be sure to do a taste test before embarking on your adventure. Cheating on the powdered mix is one thing, but the skimping on the other ingredients will lower the quality of your product!

Other ingredients include frozen or fresh Montana Huckleberries, real butter, and your choice of syrup. I use real maple syrup as the popular commercial syrups found on the store shelves these days are actually made from corn syrup rather than real maple sap. If you're a die-hard huck fan, you might want to try some local huckleberry syrup instead of maple.

Wandering off in the woods to gather fresh berries can add to your outdoor experience, but if they aren't in season, or aren't available at your location, frozen berries work great!

Frozen ones keep well for a few days in an ice cooler or a small camper refrigerator, but of course it's unlikely you'll want to wait to whip up your delicious huckleberry pancakes!


Simply add water to your powdered mix, stir in the berries, and cook over a campfire or campstove until golden brown. Cooking them in a dab of real butter will add the most flavor.

When they're finished, add butter and syrup, and enjoy!

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