Huckleberry Picking Bucket

Huckleberry Bucket

Huckleberry Picking Bucket
Make sure the bucket is lightweight. Ideally, you will want a huckleberry container that can fasten to your belt so you can pick with both hands. One of my favorite containers is an empty milk jug with the top partially removed for easy depositing of berries.

Cutting the jug about halfway between the screw-on-top and where the neck straightens out will leave enough room to drop the berries in, yet leave enough curve that your berries won't easily fall out while hiking, climbing, and stooping. Fastening it to your belt keeps both hands free.

If choosing a different type of container, be sure it has a swivel carrying handle – such as a pail-style handle. This allows it to move as you move – again, this is important to help prevent berries from falling out as you move through the woods.

A good option is to use buckets with a fitted plastic top. Cutting a u-shaped flap in the lid will allow you to deposit the berries, but provide a safety mechanism that will keep them from spilling if you stumble.

Even if you are using a huckleberry rake to remove the berries from the bush, you will still need a lightweight receptacle for the fruit.

If you choose to use the bush-beating technique for gathering the berries, be sure the basket or receptacle you choose is as lightweight as possible! Bigger is not always better – often just heavier!

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