Montana Culture & Traditions

Montana is a large and geographically diverse state. Here you’ll find some guidelines for exploring local Montana culture and traditions throughout the state - including pow wows, Indian artifacts, ghost towns, the Museum of the Rockies, and more!

Pow Wows

Enjoy a rich history of Native American traditions, including a variety of pow wows that are held in various areas across the state.

Experience the magic of traditional drumming, singing, and dancing at one of the many celebrations. Enjoy traditional food, crafts and events.


As you travel through the state, be sure to visit some of the state’s museums along the way.

Montana museums feature historical and art exhibits, including the famous collection of Charlie Russell paintings, the Museum of the Rockies dinosaur exhibits, Native American artifacts, and pioneer life exhibits.

Montana Ghost Towns & Recreational Mining

Tour Montana Ghost Town Sites and explore the cultural development that began with the placer gold rush camps of the American West. Learn about historical and recreational gem and metal mining in Montana, and find out where you can pan for gold and gems!

Montana Huckleberries

Find out what the big deal is with Montana huckleberries. Learn what they are and where you can find them with the ultimate Montana Huckleberry Picking Guide. Look up recipes or submit one of your own!

Flathead Cherries

Don't miss out on the best cherries in the northwestern US! Buy them locally, or pick your own at one of the many orchards around beautiful Flathead Lake.

Annual Festivals

Visit the Montana Festivals page to learn more about exciting events to incorporate into your Montana vacation fun!

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