Montana Hot Springs Guide

Whether you’re native to the state, or just buzzing in for a great Montana vacation, you’re sure to find a great, inexpensive vacation getaway in our Montana Hot Springs guide.

Montana hot springs vacations offer great fun for everyone. They make great family outings, personal retreats, and ultimate romantic vacations!

Montana offers a variety of hot spring vacation ideas, from top-notch resort accommodations, to simple, rustic style settings, to undeveloped natural springs.

Best of all, most destinations are located amidst beautiful Rocky Mountain terrain, where you can also enjoy an abundance of alternative vacation activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Northwestern Montana Hot Springs

Symes Hot Springs & Hotel – Hot Springs, MT
Located approximately 65 miles south of Kalispell, or 75 miles north of Missoula.

Alameda’s Hot Springs – Hot Springs, MT
Located approximately 65 miles south of Kalispell, or 75 miles north of Missoula.

Lost Trail Hot Springs – Sula, MT
Located approximately 88 miles south of Missoula.

Lolo Hot Springs – Lolo, MT
Located approximately 35 miles west of Missoula.

Quinn’s Hot Springs – Paradise, MT
Located approximately 30 miles southeast of Thompson Falls, 70 miles northwest of Missoula, and 78 miles south of Kalispell.

Southwestern Montana Hot Springs

Fairmont Hot Springs – Butte, MT
Approximately 15 miles west of Butte.

Boulder Hot Springs – Boulder, MT
Located approximately 30 miles south of Helena, 40 miles northwest of Butte, or 85 miles northwest of Bozeman.

Spa Hot Springs – White Sulphur Springs, MT
Located approximately 76 miles east of Helena, or 98 miles north of Bozeman.

Norris Hot Springs – Norris, MT
Located approximately 37 miles west of Bozeman

Chico Hot Springs – Pray, MT
Located approximately 45 miles southeast of Bozeman, or 25 miles south of Livingston, or 36 miles north of Yellowstone National Park.

Bozeman Hot Springs – Bozeman, MT
Located approximately 4 miles west of Bozeman.

The Boiling River – Gardiner, MT
Located approximately 80 miles southeast of Bozeman, or 55 miles south of Livingston.

Jackson Hot Springs – Jackson, MT
Located approximately 50 miles west of Dillon, or 90 miles south of Butte.

Elkhorn Hot Springs – Polaris, MT
Located approximately 43 miles northwest of Dillon, or 98 miles southwest of Butte.

Central State Locations

Saco Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs – Saco, MT
Located 10 miles west of Saco, 230 miles east of Great Falls, or 320 miles northeast of Helena.

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