Montana Huckleberries

The Elusive Purple Berry

Just what is it about Montana huckleberries?

Well, first of all, they’re divine to eat! These highly sought-after, dark purple berries are truly a specialty item, often selling for $45 or more per gallon bag. These tart berries are delicious in all kinds of desserts, or just by the handful. Once you try them, you’ll forever be changed!

I’ve been a complete huckleberry fanatic since my early teens, when my family used to make the long drive across the state each summer for some vacation fun in the mountains.

I initially had no idea what the big deal was, but I realized quickly that hucks were a very big deal indeed! And I definitely came down with a permanent case of huck fever with that very first bite of homemade pie!

I not only love eating these berries, but I love the outdoor adventure that goes along with picking them as well.

Where & When?

Montana Huckleberries
Huckleberry Patch
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Montana huckleberries grow wild in the western mountains of the state, and are generally ready for picking beginning in July. Although locals keep the location of their favorite patches a secret, it’s really not that difficult to find huckleberries if you’re up for the picking. If you’re interested in learning more about where and when to find them, follow the links on this site.

If you’re not up for the adventure, you might be able to purchase some at a local produce stand or fruit and vegetable market, depending on the timing. Don't be dissuaded because of the price - they're worth every penny of it!

And remember, even when they’re in season, they disappear quickly!

Or you can keep it simple. You can usually enjoy a great piece of huck pie at a local restaurant for a reasonable price.

Or, if you completely miss the season, you can always pick up a bottle of syrup, a jar of jam, or a variety of candies and other fun and interesting huckleberry products – they’re readily available all year just about anywhere, including grocery stores and souvenir shops.

If you’re a visitor or newcomer to western Montana, this is the ultimate huckleberry guide - place to learn what all the fuss is about! So follow the links to learn more about Montana huckleberries .

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