Montana Winter Fun

Winter Adventures for Montana Tourists

Montana Snow Shoe
If you love snow, come experience Montana winter fun - including skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, dog sledding, and more!

Montana's wide-open spaces and sparse population offer unique, unhurried vacation opportunities.

Experience the beauty of nature up-close and personal.

With dozens of resorts, 2 national parks,
9 national forests, and several wilderness areas, you’re guaranteed a unique and enjoyable experience.

Montana Winter Fun - At-a-Glance

Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding
Whether you’re a regular ski junkie or a newbie, you’re bound to love our Montana ski resorts!

There are 16 downhill ski resorts, with great terrain, lots of powder, short lines, and affordable rates!

Nordic Skiing & Snowshoeing
With nearly 17 million acres of publicly accessible land, Montana has unlimited opportunities for cross-country skiers and snowshoers alike.

Favorite cross-country skiing destinations include Yellowstone and Glacier Park, national forest land, and backcountry wilderness areas.

Snowmobiling is a state-wide sport, with thousands of miles of groomed and ungroomed trails, from the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains, to the wide open areas of the central and eastern plains. Rentals, vacation packages, and guided backcountry tours are available in many areas.

Montana Hot Springs Resorts
There are several hot spring resorts throughout the state, all with a unique experience. Some are modern, developed resorts, and others are more rustic getaways, including several all-natural sites.

Montana Dog Sledding
For a truly unique backcountry experience, try dog sledding! Take a short tour, a day tour, or an overnight or extended weekend tour. Some companies also offer intensive mini-training courses in guiding a team of trained sled dogs on your own!

Horse-drawn Sleigh Rides
There are several places you can experience authentic horse-drawn sleigh rides through scenic woods.

Snowcoach Rides
For a spectacular experience, enjoy a heated, guided tour through Yellowstone Park in a snowcoach! Snowcoaches offer unique winter touring opportunities because park roads are closed to regular wheeled vehicles during the winter. Snowcoaches are special vehicles designed to ride on top of the snow.

In Montana, winter is definitely a major event. Come join us for an unforgettable Montana Winter Fun adventure!

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