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Please contact me by email prior to using photos from this website.
I generally respond within a couple of days, if not sooner!

I allow use of my original copyrighted photos (those stamped with my website name) according to the guidelines listed below, but I do request an email prior to use.

Please note that not all photography on this site belongs to me!

To use anything that is not stamped with my website name, you must contact me for instructions on how to contact the copyright holder for permissions. The fact that some of the photos do not have copyright information on them does not mean they can be used without permission.

Please note that use of our copyrighted photos
requires a link back to our website as illustrated above:

Montana Mountain Photography
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Authorized Use of Photos

Personal Websites:
Use of Montana Vacation Fun photography is free for personal websites, but a link back, as illustrated below, must be provided.

Original watermark must be left intact.

Use in photo galleries and on adult sites is strictly prohibited.

You must contact me by email prior to use of any photos from this site.

Commercial Websites:
Commercial use is approved on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us with the details of your request, including the url to the website you wish to use the photos on.

Improper or unauthorized use of photos from this site is illegal, and will be reported. Don't risk having your site banned by major search engines! Follow the guidelines, or contact us with additional requests.

How To Copy Photo & Provide A Link Back

Please note that you must link the photo in the following manner:

  • Save a copy of the photo to your computer by right clicking on the image.
  • Rename the photo.
  • Upload the photo to your website from your own computer.
  • Provide the “Photo by” line as illustrated above, with the link back to our home page - to do so, copy & paste this entire code and include it under the photo:

<a href="">

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